University of Pittsburg Medical Center has developed possible COVID-19 vaccine

University of Pittsburg Medical Center noted to media they began working on the development of a COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine in January.

It’s now being reported that researchers at UPMC may have a viable option to protect against the virus. Tested on mice, the animals developed antibodies to COVID-19 about 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine.

UPMC noted their vaccine is based on previous research used to develop vaccines that protect against both MERS and SARS. They also stated they are ready, pending government approval, to begin human trials.

The current window for a distributable vaccine is said to be 12 – 18 months. UPMC, with hopes for an accelerated approval based on need, said their vaccine would be easily produced in large amounts and administered through a band-aid-like patch with dissolvable needles made from sugar and protein particles.


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