The two party political system in America will be its doom! Both the Democrats and Republicans are more concern with their party’s balance of power than they are with the welfare of the American people. Both parties are in the pockets of special interest groups. Both parties are extremists in their world view often times ignoring common sense in order to stay in line with their respective party’s platform.

Both parties lie and lie often to the American people. Obama and his administration lied about Libya about seven years ago just like Trump and his administration is lying and covering up for Saudi Arabia and their murder of a Journalist.

The Democrats and Republicans never address the poor and downtrodden in this country, they only address the middle class publicly, serve the rich privately and ignore the poor altogether.

Neither party has ever made a real issue a top priority, an issue like cancer. I am sure the financial control Big Pharmaceutical companies have on both parties has something to do with this.

Even Journalists today can’t hide their partisanship. Rather you watch CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, you are essentially watching propaganda machines disguise as objective news outlets.

There is no global foe that will destroy America. This country will be destroyed from the inside out and leading the destruction are two groups that millions of America think are fighting to advance the country.

Franklin A. Fudail






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