By Ronald “Lee” Grasmeyer

I plan to run for several reasons, the first being that I believe we’re ready for a change in leadership. I also firmly believe in the Sheriff’s responsibility to enforce laws and oversee the administration of county tax dollars and personnel. As a small business owner with law enforcement and military experience, I am equipped to handle this position.

I am running for sheriff to promote change in my community. Being sheriff is the opportunity for me to lead in the community and make the same decisions for the people in the community as I would for my own family. I believe stewardship starts with the small things and moves you to bigger responsibility as you show growth and success.

My law enforcement experience. Military service, and owning my own small businesses has helped shape me to do this next step in making a difference within the community. I am hopeful about partnering together with other agencies as well as our community. Our campaign and its supporters are getting the message out being financially responsible and not dropping to the level of negative attacks on other candidates. Negative attacks only show a weakness in ones own character.

Thanks again and I hope this helps let you know why I would like to be your sheriff.

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