Tanya Cabala

By Franklin Akil Fudail

Tanya Cabala’s dominant victory in Michigan’s 91st District Primary was a victory of substance over style. She proved that old-fashion door-to-door politics prevails over social media popularity. As a long-time community activist, newspaper reporter and educator with almost three decades of service, she proved that experience does matter and that laboring in the community means more than “likes” on facebook. This is refreshing!

Social Media has it’s place in politics, however it can be misleading. You can have 5,000 facebook friends, but how many qualify to vote in your district? Tanya’s door-to-door efforts made sure she got her message to the right people….residents of the 91st District! And the people responded by casting over half of all votes for her.

Team Cabala’s insight on how best to connect with the residents shows she understood the 91st district better than her opponent. I observed this some time ago, Team Cabala has strategically dominated this race from the beginning and the results reflect that. However, the victory was set in motion over a year ago, which resulted in 150 volunteers, 508 donations and over 10,000 plus doors knocked on in the district! Simply put, Team Cabala out worked social media.

Ultimately her opponent received more “likes” on facebook, but Tanya Cabala received more “likes” in the community and at the polls.



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