A new scholarship is available to Grand Valley State University students who choose to fulfill their student teaching requirement in a Detroit GVSU-authorized charter school. The scholarship is being offered through the university’s Charter Schools Office and College of Education.

The Detroit Student Teacher Scholarship will be available for up to 20 students this fall, and will cover the tuition cost of their semester of student teaching — approximately $6,500.

“The Grand Valley students will learn how to positively shape a new teaching environment while learning to overcome the challenges that accompany it,” said Tim Wood, Grand Valley’s associate vice president for charter schools. “They will also be serving students who need the highest amount of additional academic assistance.”

College of Education officials also said the scholarship arrangement is beneficial to students.

“We are always looking for ways to help our students find good educational opportunities where they can develop their teaching experience,” said Keith Vree, associate director for undergraduate programs in the College of Education. “This scholarship provides both a financial incentive to teach in a new environment, and also opens doors to possible job opportunities after our students graduate.”

Seven students earned the scholarship this semester; all are teaching in one of three GVSU-authorized Detroit charter schools.

The scholarship is available to any undergraduate student who is preparing to do a semester of student teaching and has completed their Professional Readiness Exam (PRE). Twenty scholarships are available.

For more information, visit gvsu.edu/cso.


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