Lakeshore Art Festival offers colorful collaboration for local residents

Lakeshore Art Festival (LAF) announces this year’s community art initiative, the LAF Community Mosaic Project! Each year the Lakeshore Art Festival engages the community in a public art project. Guests of the show have participated in the Community Canvas Project, Chalk-The-Walk, The Door Project, and many more artful adventures! Each of these interactive art projects was hands-on activities that took place during the Lakeshore Art Festival. This year, the Lakeshore Art Festival would like to continue this tradition with a colorful collaboration for all to enjoy! This all-inclusive art event allows for the community to get involved safely and create a beautiful display of public art!
The LAF Community Mosaic Project is an amazing collaboration of community spirit in partnership with the Muskegon Museum of Art, City Center Art Gallery, Arts Council of White Lake – Nuveen Center, Art Cats Gallery, City of Muskegon Farmers Market, Read Muskegon, Muskegon Area Intermedia School District with support from PADNOS, Blended Furniture Market, Consumers Energy, WZZM and YOU!
PADNOS has provided over 1,500 “mini-canvases” which consists of 4×4 pieces of reclaimed wood. The Lakeshore Art Festival invites the community to get their hands on one of the free 4×4 wood tile pieces at one of the participating locations below and get creative! Paint on it, color on it, use markers, embellish it, do whatever you would like to do as long as it does not change the size of the 4×4 square, and it is a family-friendly visual that is sturdy for outside display.
The community is then asked to return their 4×4 wood tile masterpiece to the Lakeshore Art Festival on June 26 from 9am-5pm or June 27 from 10 am-3 pm in Downtown Muskegon, at the roundabout, located at the intersection of 3rd Street and Western Ave. A series of larger boards will be on display, and your 4×4 wood tile will be added to the board to create a large community mosaic!
The 4×4 pieces of wood will be available at the following locations from June 1 – June 24, or while supplies last.
Art Cats Gallery
Arts Council of White Lake – Nuveen Center
Blended Furniture
City Center Art Gallery
City of Muskegon Farmers Market
Muskegon Museum of Art
Read Muskegon
This project could not have happened without the generous support of community art organizations, local artists, the distribution entities listed above and our sponsors, PADNOS, Blended Furniture Market, Consumers Energy and WZZM.
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