Muskegon County – It’s official. Basketball is taking over downtown Muskegon today. The two day event(July 23 & 24) is taking place on Morris Street.

After several years, Muskegon has decided to bring Americas Original 3 on 3 basketball tournament back. The reason Muskegon decided to join the Gus Macker is because it’s a community based event. It brings opportunities for kids, adults of all ages and spectators to enjoy the biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world.

Since 1987, the Macker tour has expanded, holding a total of 972 tournaments with over 2.2 million players – male and female from 7 years old to 50+ – and more than 23 million spectators.

Early Registration located at the Morris Street Lot between Second and Third Streets.


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