LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder today announced the appointment of Michael Wrobel of Mason to the Muskegon Heights School District Receivership Transition Advisory Board (RTAB).

The board was first named in October of 2016, after the school district’s financial emergency was resolved and the school district transitioned back to local control.

“Michael is an excellent addition to this board and I am confident he will be instrumental in ensuring Muskegon Heights School District’s continued financial stability,” Snyder said.

Wrobel is a state administrative manager in the Bureau of Local Government and School Services within the Michigan Department of Treasury and previously served as an instructional practice administrator with Chicago Public Schools. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from New York University. He will represent the State Treasurer and fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Ann Storberg. Wrobel will also serve as chair.

Other members of the Muskegon Heights School District RTAB include: Dale Nesbary, representing the Director of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget; Clinton Todd, representing the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and John Schrier and Patrice Johnson, representing persons with relevant professional experience.

Wrobel will serve a term expiring at the pleasure of the Governor.

For more information about the Local Financial Stability and Choice Act, visit the state Treasury Department’s Local Fiscal Health web page



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