Commentary: Why Trump will win the Black Male Vote Over Biden?

By F. Akil Fudail

There is a small, but significant group in Black America that are not voting for Joe Biden! I know it seems like every Black person in America is a registered Democrat. However, there is a group of Black independents that never drunk the Democratic Party Kool-Aid. The chances of you seeing this group on any of the news channels is slim. They are too anti-Democratic Party for CNN or MSNBC and they are too radical for Fox News.

This group does not identify with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. They are either independent or very unenthusiastic about the national political process, yet they may play a small, but significant role in tipping the scale in favor of Trump on November 3rd.

Contrary to popular belief every Black person don’t view Donald Trump in a total negative light. Some Black voters are not so sensitive and culturally insecure that they scrutinitize every word looking for any sentence that can be interpreted as racist. And some Black voters have researched Joe Biden enough to know that his background as it relates to race is not without blemish.

When former TV Judge Joe Brown recently responded to someone that  said they understand both candidates are not perfect, but they must vote for the “lesser of two evils”(meaning a vote for Joe Biden). Judge Joe Brown said “Trump is the lesser of two evils”. In another video interview that is resurfacing from January of this year Judge Joe Brown countered the Trump is a racist argument.

The Democratic Party needs a large turn out for Joe Biden from Black voters. Most polls are showing the Black woman vote is strong for Biden, whcih is no surprise. Black women are blindly loyal to the Democratic Party. However many polls indicate that Trump has a stronger appeal with Black male voters. This was reported by many sources including Politico last month

As The Hill reminded readers on Thursday Donald Trump received 14% of the Black Male Vote in 2016.

As we recently witnessed with Rapper Ice Cube and his Contract with Black America. Joe Biden’s team dismissed it, said they will look at it after the election. However, team Trump welcomed the plan and even made adjustments to their Plantinum Plan because of it. The Black Democratic Party operatives attacked Ice Cube as though he has some obligation to the Democratic Party. Their unjust attacks did not go unchallenged as many influencers, grass-roots leaders, fellow Hip-Hop artists, Pastors, Nation of Islam members all came to the defense of Ice Cube.

There is a group of Black Voters that the Democrats don’t own. And don’t be surprised if this group turns out for Trump or don’t turn out for Biden!


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