B-17 coming to Muskegon

Muskegon County – The World War II-era B-17 “Yankee Lady” is a radial-engine roaring, prop-spinning, flying piece of history that will land Saturday, July 23, at Muskegon County Airport.

The Yankee Air Museum is dispatching its flagship, the Boeing B-17G “Yankee Lady,” to Muskegon for a one-day visit. The museum’s award winning World War II heavy bomber is offering self-guided tours and flight experience rides.

The plane will arrive at approximately 11:00 am from its base at historic Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti.

“As a community rich with World War II history, we are honored to have this rare aircraft plan a day long visit here,” said John Stephenson, board member of USS LST 393 Veterans Museum and one of the visit’s sponsors.

“There may be only ten airworthy Boeing B-17s left in existence, so it’s quite a thrill for us to have the best one visit Muskegon.”

Yankee Lady is an award winning, fully restored and living museum,” said Dave Wright, ride director. “Offering rides in this historic aircraft generates the revenue we need to keep her flying and furthers the Museum’s purpose of honoring aviation history and its participants.”

Wright explained that a flight experience ride is a 45-minute experience with approximately 30 minutes of air time. The Yankee Air Museum charges $450 per seat. The plane will carry 12 passengers per flight. Once it reaches cruising speed and altitude people are free to move about and sit in many of the positions. “Only the pilot, co-pilot, ball turret and tail gunner positions are off limits,” said Wright.

“Every year we fly hundreds of people and their enthusiasm fuels our passion,” said Wright.
To order a ride while the Yankee Lady is in Muskegon, call 734-483-4030, extension 236, or call locally 231-740-5610. You can also visit the Yankee Air Museum website at www.yankeeairmuseum.org and click on “Book a Flight.” A portion of the proceeds will go to USS LST 393 Veterans Museum.


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