by Wilson Casey

1. Is the Book of 1 Peter in the Old or New Testament or neither?
2. From Matthew 13, what baking item did Jesus compare to the kingdom of Heaven? Eggs, Milk, Salt, Yeast
3. What denotes the very precious gum of a tree shrub celebrated for its medicinal qualities? Mamre, Balm, Linen, Perez
4. Where does one go to find balm according to Jeremiah? Corinth, Joppa, Derbe, Gilead
5. What’s any writing, particularly that which is sacred? Seal, Ordinance, Sacrament, Scripture
6. Who tested the will of the Lord with a fleece? Jehu, Gideon, Amos, Ahaziah






ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) Yeast; 3) Balm; 4) Gilead; 5) Scripture; 6) Gideon

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